Blu Electronic Cigarette Flavors

Classic Tobacco

For those who enjoy the taste and feel of a rich, full, tobacco-flavored cigarette, Classic has you covered. Try Classic and immerse yourself in tobacco country without the smell or aftertaste.

    * Cartridges come in packs of 5. Each pack is equal to 75 cigarettes.

    * A Carton is 5 packs or 25 cartridges. Each carton is equal to 350 cigarettes.

Magnificent Menthol  

Enjoy a cool and refreshing menthol burst of flavor every time with Magnificent Menthol. Each puff leaves you with a crisp, clean taste that only comes with blu and Magnificent Menthol. 

Vivid Vanilla  

Grab a Java Jolt for that unmistakable coffee-bean taste, with a pure flavor that even the most discerning coffee connoisseur could indulge in. 

Cherry Crush 

The flavor explosion has arrived. Cherry Crush will spark your senses with its full burst of flavor designed to heighten and enrich your blu experience. 

Or get a Variety Pack!

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